Brian Fielding Provides Advice for Commercial Real Estate Investment this Fall

Stack of old Business Newspapers

Brian Fielding believes Newspapers to be a good source of past market trends for real estate properties

Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments shares that without years of experience in the industry, investing in commercial real estate can seem like an intimidating form of investment. However, with some tips and advice from 40-year veteran Brian Fielding, both new and experienced investors will have a lot more tools and knowledge that they can draw from in order to have a more successful investment.

The past repeats itself.

One of the best pieces of advice that commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding can offer is to look to the past for advice on how to conduct yourself today. By connecting with individuals who have already been through the rigors of purchasing, managing and selling commercial real estate property, you can gain a decided advantage over individuals who try to do it all themselves with no help at all. Brian Fielding shares that mentors can assist investors in catching mistakes that they may have otherwise made, informing investors of how to overcome challenges that they might face over the course of their investment and other valuable tidbits of information.

Protect yourself should things go awry.

While it is never what anyone wants to think about when they make in investment, commercial real estate investments do have the potential to go astray. What once seemed like a great idea can become a nightmare. Brian Fielding shares that this usually happens when an investor is careless about doing their due diligence, doing their calculations, or not having enough money set aside for expenses. Whatever the reason may be, Brian Fielding suggests that investors always have an exit strategy as well as protections put in place for themselves and their personal finances. Individuals such as attorneys, insurance brokers and more should all be consulted with before purchasing commercial real estate.

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